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A word from our clients

“EnDevor's team is extremely well connected, skilled and dedicated and has the experience to understand the complexities and nuances of recruiting in the scientific field. I regard them as one of the few agencies that are legitimately qualified to recruit in the pharma/bio development sector. I have used them many times and they deliver. They were instrumental in helping us grow our department with well qualified hires. They work to understand our needs and qualify the candidates well. I will have no hesitation in recommending them to fellow professionals looking to hire for development related positions.”

"Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for all of your insights and coaching during my placement process. I’m delighted to be joining such a wonderful team."

‘Endevor Scientific identified and facilitated my recent move to an exciting senior level program management position in Cambridge, MA. EnDevor was fantastic to work with; their knowledge of the employment opportunities, ability to match skill sets with positions, integrity and responsiveness were exemplary. They go the extra mile to ensure employee and company are an excellent fit.’

“I appreciated the good nature and professionalism they showed throughout the process of guiding me along the steps of acquiring a job. They communicated with me well to keep me in the loop. I felt like I was treated with respect and the other potential job option(s), albeit better or worse, was always considered in the discussions. I very much appreciated the honest professional advice they offered and how to deal with negotiations. I believe that they represented me well and would continue to do so, with my best interests as the top priority, no matter what. Overall, my experience working with EnDevor was superb. If I had the choice, I would definitely work with them again.”

"EnDevor was very professional and persistent in their approach with me and I can honestly say it was a pleasure working with this firm ..."